Elite community of students, enrolling at the world’s most prestigious private schools and universities

Our union allows students to support and consolidate a connection between each other not only during their studies at EdEra, but also for their university life and for many years ahead.


We organise individual tours to universities and private schools

School & University Tours

In particular, during academic visits students enter into the spirit of school life at Institut Le Rosey or the university environment at Oxford. EdEra is granting an opportunity for prospective students to acquire a clear understanding and perception of their dream institution.

At EdEra we aspire to develop well-rounded and wholesome students, successful in academics, sports and social life


Physical education is delivered by our world-class coaches – members of the EdEra Sport team. The training sessions are organised both individually and in groups. During summer, we run outdoor activities - athletics, swimming, football, volleyball, tennis, fitness exercises and gymnastics.

Extracurricular activities at EdEra are not limited to sports

Our mentors launch fascinating excursions – work shadowing opportunities which take place in the form of master classes at factories, corporations, and plants, including: Chocolate Factory Red October, Ice Cream Factory Baskin Robbins, Coca-Cola, Yandex, Severstal, Kaspersky Lab, Sberbank and Gazprom.
The excursions take place in an interactive format - students make ice creams, cook candies and prepare forms for bread baking. Furthermore, they learn key principles of banking, petroleum and IT industries.
Once a month we organise excursions to museums and art galleries. Every two weeks our mentors take their students to cinemas and theatres, offering English-language movies and plays.

Leisure & Excursions

We are delighted to announce the establishment of our new department - EdEra Expedition


EdEra Expedition is collaborating with the Russian Geographical Society and is organising expedition tours to the most fascinating destinations both in Russia and in the rest of the world. The expeditions are led and supervised by Hero of Russia, polar explorer and traveler, Dr. Michael Malakhov.
The expeditions carry specific cultural and historical implications - our students not only explore the natural world, but also complete a gratifying mission on an international scale. Their scientific findings are recorded in documentary films and blogs.