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We organise open days, aimed at introducing our tutors, consultants and founders to families

On open days we evaluate students’ academic potential and determine their personality portraits. Students have a great opportunity to interact with our teachers, attend a sample class and register for a course with the most appealing tutor.

Open Days

Entry Tests

As a part of the admissions process, EdEra candidates take entrance tests in Mathematics and English

Both assessments are 45-minutes long and are aimed at examining students’ ability to effectively study their school program in English - the language of instruction of most of our courses.


Interviewers assess students’ ability to study, think and learn independently and to engage with new ideas beyond the scope of their school or college syllabus. Similar to Oxbridge interview questions, puzzles offered to our candidates require them to demonstrate their computational and reasoning abilities.

Fit interview

Evaluation of candidates’ potential and motivation

A brief stimulating discussion between the family and our Director of Admissions and Head of School is aimed at providing families with a deeper knowledge of EdEra - its spirit, mission and values. During the conversation parents share with us their academic needs and concerns, which we prioritise and investigate in detail.

Family interview

Opportunity to learn about EdEra and its range of educational services